Thursday, July 12, 2007

Don't Hate...Motivate!

Okay so my best friend from high school has talked me in to joining the "community". I am actaully very nervous about doing this. I have no idea why! I guess I am werido, but here goes....


So Mandy and I have decieded that we need to run a marathon. Why? Not really for sure, but it sounds like a great idea. I think I am most excited about getting a new cheap watch to wear! I am thinking pink!

My only qualm is....

This is not mine and Mandy first attempt at running. In high school we decided to join cross country. We were absolutely horrible, but it was a lot of fun. BUT I have this horrible flash back when the idea of running pops in my head. In the good old town of Lester, thats where we went to high school, there is a lot of farmland..imagine that? I can remember running my little booty off and then once you get so far...there would be this SMELL! I cant exactly describe the smell, but it was just make me want to gag!

I am hoping that there wont be a SMELL this time around.